Transformers, Transform!!

It’s been a while since I was made to think so very hard.

“I don’t want this to sound like a TED Talk but you know what I mean,” I told Zul, a rare friend of mine who have been asking me the toughest of tough questions since we’ve known each other ten over years ago.

This time, it was different, I guess, there was a sense of urgency, our way of living threatened, our future muddied — we have to do something before something bad happens.

But how?
How is not the question, but why.

Why have we gotten this deep in our own mess?
Why have we not stopped it while we could?
Why have we been so stupid and not seen it coming?

So, here we are, in the juncture of time where we are all given a choice: to change, or not to change.
Do something before we perish.

So, transform, we must.

(This post is meaningless to anyone but those who were involved in our conversations.)